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More Q Adventures

I use my 82 TQC as a ski car, and had it up on the
infamous Angeles Crest Hiway north of LA this sunday.
There was a big snow storm out tis way so I was look'n
for some snow to ski on.  After a couple of hours and 
ruining a pair of skis on the hidden rocks, I decided to 
go home.  Unfortunately I had set the parking brake and 
the right rear caliper was tight.  I flagged down the
Search And Rescue vehicle after trying to hammer it 
open myself.  After waiting for over an hour it 
unstuck from the heat, and I set off charging home
throught the 4" of fresh snow.  Great Fun!  It really
does help spool up the turbo if you can spin the wheels.
After a few miles of this I saw parked and wreched cars ahead 
and was waved down to stop.  Turns out the plow worked more like
a Zamboni and there was killer ice, rollover's, multicar bedlam
dead ahead.  After getting waiting 1/2 hour to clear it,
(you should have see the camaro try to skate on it!)  I got
going agian with many petrified drivers.  Needless to say I
passed a few ;-)  As I was finnaly coming down from Clear 
Creek, < 4000 ft, I smelled something like burning rubber.  
Further down I had no less than eight emergency vehicle pass 
me coming up. I didn't see anyone flaming, so I think maybe they 
went over the edge!  Anyhow I lived to tell the story, and again
sowed what a GREAT snow car the Q's are.  Pity those poor buggers
in their minivans and compact cars, only able to watch as I lay down
four rooster tails and head up the road.  Oh, yeah, the rollover was
a Toyota 4Runner.  Long live SUV's.  NOT!

paul timmerman