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What's a fair price ?

The Group--

I appreciatte the invaluable stuff you folks push out.  Only "found" the
group about two weeks ago and like the largely mature tone of what goes on.

The question is, was offered a 1991 20v200 sedan (sparkle-plenty-white) with
34k on it.  Superb condition.  He want $20K which means he'll probably
settle for $17.5K.  Is this a good value from the buyer's standpoint and
fair from the seller's standpoint.  Being in the deep, dark woods of VTT,
not able to do much comparative shopping.

Item two:  We have a 1990 200tq and love it, amen!  However, have a
ting-ting-ting sound from the starter (teeth not quite engaging or
disengaging properly), mainly when the weather is cold.  Is this a matter of
shimming, replacing Bendix spring, or do I opt (ugh) for a rebuilt starter?
Would hate to replace the ring gear

Item three:  I hear mention of the sacred Bentley.  Where would I get a copy
for either of the above quattros?  Quanta pesetas?

Thanks again, folks, for the great group.  

Doug Terman 
Douglas Terman
Operations Manager
Antilles Engineering, Ltd.
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fax:      (802) 496 3814