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Chris wrote:
> >  replacement is a 15 hour job, because the whole front end of the
> 15 hours?!?  Man...that's around $720.00 at an Audi dealer just for
> LABOR...to change an oil pump???

Well, luckily the car is still under warantee... (I'm done for if
it keeps lunching expensive parts after next August 24... :-(

If you see where Audi put the oil pump on the V6, you'd understand.
It's on the *front* of the engine, *behind* the timing belt, et. al.
So, in the 90's cramped engine bay, you have to take apart most of
the front of the car so you can take off the accessory drive stuff,
the timing belt, and sundry other stuff so you can even get to the
oil pump...

Sometimes I swear Audis are "over-engineered" in the worst sense
of the phrase...