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Gaseous excretions

In a message dated 96-02-27 15:01:17 EST, you write:

>Could someone please explain:
>1)  Do the 5K and/or 200 series have a "sneeze/surge" valve built 
>in which vent excess intake pressure when the throttle is lifted 
The sound is really a fart, hence the feedback to the low pressure side,
hardly a chick magnet sound.....  200/S4/S6 20vt cars all have them, so did
the sport q, as does saab, ford probe t, and a host of others....  A common
mechanicalcpart and simple to install and acquire...  2hose hook up, one
manifold feed....  also aftermarket offers electromechanical ones that sense
closed throttle...
>2)  If not, can one be fitted without undue stress or expense?  (I 
>know, stupid question, tee hee, giggle giggle...)
Yep cost me a total of 30 bux....