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RE: What's a fair price ?

I'd say that's a fair price, based on my experiences with shopping for 
a 91 200 qw. $20K is too much, but $17-$17.5 sounds about right for 34K 
miles and mint condition.

Don't forget to have a knowledgable (about Audis) mechanic check the 
car out for you.
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, wa

| From: "Doug Terman, Antilles Engineering, Ltd."  <antilles@madriver.com>
| To:  <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
| Subject: What's a fair price ?
| Date: Tuesday, February 27, 1996 4:19PM
| The Group--
| I appreciatte the invaluable stuff you folks push out.  Only "found" the
| group about two weeks ago and like the largely mature tone of what goes on.
| The question is, was offered a 1991 20v200 sedan (sparkle-plenty-white) with
| 34k on it.  Superb condition.  He want $20K which means he'll probably
| settle for $17.5K.  Is this a good value from the buyer's standpoint and
| fair from the seller's standpoint.  Being in the deep, dark woods of VTT,
| not able to do much comparative shopping.
| Item two:  We have a 1990 200tq and love it, amen!  However, have a
| ting-ting-ting sound from the starter (teeth not quite engaging or
| disengaging properly), mainly when the weather is cold.  Is this a matter of
| shimming, replacing Bendix spring, or do I opt (ugh) for a rebuilt starter?
| Would hate to replace the ring gear
| Item three:  I hear mention of the sacred Bentley.  Where would I get a copy
| for either of the above quattros?  Quanta pesetas?
| Thanks again, folks, for the great group.
| Doug Terman
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