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Merkurs, Solo I

I too always had a thing for XR4ti's. Almost had the wife talked into one
until the GLI 16v showed up. Here's what little I know about them: Interior
plastics weren't too good and crack easily, shifter buzzes, exhaust manifolds
crack (same as T-Bird), and the automatics are prone to intermixing via the
radiator. Fair amount of turbo lag. The autos are also geared differently and
have a very meager top end speed. There is a loyal band of owners out there
much like us Quattro folk, but I expect once the car reaches ten years old
(now?) that Ford will toss the parts into the trash bin like they did with
the Fiesta, Courier and Capri. Might be fun for a couple years, but I'd think
carefully about it.

Someone mentioned SCCA Solo I in regards to getting track time. Solo I will
require full roll cages in 1997, and already requires real helmets and
flame-proof driving suits, so this is not really for an amateur. The SCCA is
not really an amateur club, in spite of their advertising. The Fiat club
(don't laugh) joins forces with the Alfa owners or Maserati owners to
generate enough participants to lower the cost at whatever venue they choose.
Maybe this is what we need to do...Audis and BMWs...Audis and Corvettes
(wouldn't that be a hoot?)...you name it. I'm hoping to get my Coupe on the
track this year sharing time with some other marques. Sure can't afford a
whole weekend with the QCUSA.

Dwight V.
86 Coupe GT, wondering why it didn't get a turbo like those "other" Coupes