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--- Received from A.CARLSON  +852-2511-3033         28.02.96 05.21
According to the Press Kit for the Geneva Show that starts next week,
 Audi will show:
The S8 with 4.2L 340 bhp (250 kw) engine.  0-100 kmh in 5.5 seconds,
maximum speed electronically limited to 250 kmh.  Six-speed box.
The A8 with 2.8L 193 bhp (142 kw) engine.  0-100 kmh in 8.4 seconds,
maximum speed electronically limited to 236 kmh.
Audi S6 Plus.  S6 with 4.2L V8, 326 bhp (240 kw).  O-100 kmh in 5.6
seconds. Sedan and wagon versions.  5-speed tiptronic available,
also six-speed manual.
Audi A6 2.5 TDI automatic.  0-100 in 11.1 seconds, not bad for an
automatic diesel. 140 bhp (103 kw).
The S8 features Avus style wheels, a new grille with vertical bars,
silk-napa leather upholstery....
S6 Plus comes in unique colors, Nogaro Blue Pearl and Misano Red
Pearl with matching leather seat insets...
The A8 is now available with new options, including Navigation
System for Europe.
S6 Plus features Xenon lighting, Carbon fibre Trim and electronic
brake pressure distribution to complement the ABS system
A4 now has 2.8L 5V engine, bringing bhp to 193.  0-100 kmh now
measured at 7.3 seconds.
And the infamous USA mandated third brake light is now standard
equipment on all Audis worldwide. Just the thing for chain reaction
autobahn pileups, I have often wondered why the Germans never saw
the value in the CHMSL.
I hope some of this wonderful stuff makes its way to the good old
USA some day.
Eric Carlson