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Fuse/relay box for GT?

Of course, my Audi demands attention right when I cannot afford enough
time to get a hair cut... :-(

FYI, this is an '85 GT, with the fuse/relay box under the hood.
Anyway, my A/C & blower seemed to be on the fritz.  Genius that I am, I
discovered the problem immediately:  a melted fuse/fuse socket.  I have
pulled the fuse, but I'm not sure if I can "fix" the fuse box.  This
happened before, and I was able to clean it up so that it worked fine
(and it still is working, two years later!).  But, I was thinking it
may be better to just replace it, since I do have some dead fuse sockets
(no power to two neighboring sockets, one which wasn't used and one which
formerly powered the side mirrors).

So, what is the consensus on new vs. used?  I would think that a used
unit might have the same problem, but I don't know what the cost
difference is compared with a new unit.  For some reason, I have a
sneaking suspicion that a new unit is big bucks.
Also, what other fuse/relay panels are the same, if any?  I'm  going
to call PAP, and they have many more 4K's on the lot than GT's.  If
the units are the same, it would probably make life a bit easier.


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