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New engine for the GT...which one?

Greetings all,

	Due to ongoing problems with the oil pump and fuel economy in my '85 GT, I've been toying 
with the idea of putting another engine in the car.  (and adding some more power of course!)

	I have pretty much ruled out the turbo conversions, because I don't want to deal with the 
extra problems such as the tie rod conversion that's necessary.  Here are the two options that 
I've kicked around so far:
	10V NA -- with some engine modifications (eg. cam, higher c/r, exhst man. from a q)

	10V w/ mild supercharge -- (I know, I know)  I was wondering about the feasability of a 
conversion like this.  A standard NA 10V engine with the A/C compressor removed to make a place 
for a low pressure supercharger (~6 psi) that would come in around 2000 rpm and close around 
4000-4500 which is the rpm band where most of my driving takes place.

	Another suggestion that was given to me by one of the guys at work, was to put a NA 20V 
in.  Does anybody know if this is a pretty straightforward swap (not including electronics), or 
would there be alot of modifications necessary?  BTW what are the hp and torque specs for the 
non-turboed 20V?

	I would greatly appreciate anybody pointing out the benefits and/or shortcomings for any 
of these options.  And what their choice would be.  The main reason that I'm considering this 
type of work, is that I really like the GT body style, I just did a major amount of work on the 
suspension (to be outlined in another post), and it is $400 from being paid off.  I'd rather put 
those monthly payments towards a greater "fun factor" than to start all over with higher car 
payments and doubling my insurance due to comp/coll. 

Thanks all for suggestions and comments.