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<ALL> Oil breakdown and lighting news

Two articles in the February, '96 Society of Auto Engineers Magazine:

Effects of aging on fuel-efficient engine oils

Light Launch

I'm going to bullet key points in no specific order

Engine oil
SAE did a test of new and oil that had been used under contolled and
varied conditions

The friction coefficient of the oil used 6600km was three times that of
new at temps below 80C.  Higher mileage (kilometerage?) fared similarly,
but the difference continued to higher temps.

The friction coefficient of the used oils remained at the level of new oil
(test at 110C) until about 6000km, and rose quickly until the value was
almost three times that of new oil at 10,000 km.  

6000~7000 km was the point where most of the additives were no longer
present in the oil.

The oil tested was 5w-20 and 5W-30.

Unfortunately, synthetic oil was not tested.  Results would have been useful

Lower viscosity oils will be offered soon (i.e. 0W-20) for greater fuel


Osram has developed the H7, a single filament bulb for low profile, dual
headlamp systems (i.e. low beam in one slot, high beam in anoher)

Light can be accurately focused

H7 has been made to run cooler

Also, H1 UV-Stop is H1 designed to NOT relase light in UV range to prevent
UV damage to plastic lenses (couldn't they have used Coppertone?)


Eric Schumacher