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Re: Air Poppin'

Scott, I think that statement needs to be qualified WRT where you are
'measuring' boost -- upstream of the throttle-plate or in the intake
manifold.....your statement would be true if you are measuring boost/vacuum
in the intake manifold and downstream of the throttle-plate -- upstream
there would still be 'boost' if the turbo is still spinning.....

That begs another question: is a pop-off valve typically installed at the
intake manifold side of the throttle-plate? Also, how are high pressure
spikes upstream of the throttle-plate addressed? Those that would
'blowed-up' the IC-to-throttle-body hose or the IC? A second pop-off valve
located upstream of the TB?

>No wastegate operates under boost, pop off valve when throttle closes, no
>boost air available to bleed......  The pop off valve opens only during
>vacuum of slam shut throttle, closed during boost ALWAYS

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