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RE: *my* weird noise..FOUND

It's official....the starter no longer cranks the engine.  I'm releived
somewhat because at least I know what it is now.

I got my first hint that it was the starter the other night in a pouring
rainstorm.  Was getting ready to head for home...Diane was going to drive.
She turned the key and the engine cranked a couple of times, then stopped
cranking and made a whirring sound.  She let go of the key, backed it off
and tried again...and it started.  I told Diane, "Whatever you do, don't
kill it and DON'T shut it off. I think that's the last one we get!"  And it
was.  :-(
At least we made it home!

Sooo...my job this weekend is to check and clean all the connections to the
stater, solenoid, and ground strap (as suggested by Bentley).  Is there
some kind of di-electric grease or something I should put on the terminals
to keep them clean/corrosion free?

Also, if any vendors are lurking and want to quote me a rebuilt starter,
please e-mail me privately.


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