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87 Coupe stuff

I'd like to thank everyone that's taken the time to answer some of my
coupe questions. And as usual I have a couple more items that I need help
on. I think I've just about read the Bently manual from cover to cover but
nowhere does it show the auxiliary relay panel thats located under the dash.
I'd like to know which relays go where and what do they do. Some relay
sockets are empty.Does anyone have a layout of the panel?

Oh Great! After two weeks of great driving(and starting) my Coupe now won't
start when it's hot(the engine, not the weather). I have to sit and wait for
about ten minutes then it starts O.K. It first happened after I brought it
to Jiffy Lube to get the oil changed (I know, I know, but it was too cold up
here in MA to lie on the garage floor and do it myself). They couldn't even
get it started to drive it out of the garage. Maybe it was just a
coincedence, but that's when the problem started. I thought perhaps they
unplugged a wire or hose or something, but everything looked O.K. While the
car was on the lift I wanted to take a look at the underside and as I was
looking at the Fuel filter (this was before they tried to start it) for some
unknown reason I banged on it (the Fuel filter). Could it be that I
dislodged some crap into the injectors? It also seems that the idle and
performance have diminished slightly. What's wrong!
Mike D.

89 200TQ
87 Coupe GT
87 Vanagon 
Mike Des Chenes
Fax # 508-892-8808

Mike Des Chenes