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Rear brakes - '87 5kTQ

Finally got around to installing the E-Brake cables last night (helpfull tip:
 It's not a wise idea to work under your car after driving it around on salted
roads for two weeks.)  Once I got the cables on (real fun) I went to do the
"Basic Brake Setting" outlined in the Bentley.  Sketchy at best (the page on
the 5k Turbo rear calipers refers to another page to do the basic setting, but
there's no basic setting mentioned on that page) but I basically got the
impression I was supposed to insert a screwdriver between a spring and it's
bushing, then depress the brake pedal 40 (yes fourty) times.  What spring is
that?  There's nothing on the rear of my car that matches the picture they
show.  There's a spring under the left (drivers side) part of the
undercarriage, it's attached to some kind of a lever thing up above.  Not
finding any other spring under there, that's where I shoved the screwdriver,
then did the pedal thing.  Did I use the right spring?  What's this do anyhow?

Next question.  Once I got both E-Brake cables installed, I checked to insure
that both caliper levers rested agianst their stops.  They did, I lucked out,
getting to the nut on the adjuster (on top of driveshaft & exhaust pipe - fun)
but the lever on the left (drivers side) is sticky.  If I push the caliper
lever by hand like I'm engaging the E-Brake, then let go, the lever comes
_most_ of the way back, but not all the way back.  I can push into place easy
enough though.  Any way to free this up?  These are BRAND NEW CALIPERS, CABLES,
PADS, ROTORS, HOSES, FLUID, blah blah blah, so nothing should be rusted/frozen.
 Ideas anyone?

87 5000CS TQ-Metropolitan Washington, D.C.
84 5000S - Boulder, Colorado
90 80 - Bethesda, Maryland