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Re: 89 200TQW

Hi Scott,

If the car is mint and low mileage that doesn't seem like
a bad starting price :-)  Someone on the list just bought a 
a really nice 89 200TQW for around 12k I think maybe 
2-3 month's ago, I believe it had about 90k miles.  Nice
wagons tend to go at a little higher price than the sedans.

Unfortunatley My NADA book is Fall 95, but it say's....

11,225 Low Retail, 13,200 Average Retail, 15,975 High Retail

Usually the real nice ones tend to be in between Low and Average,
Every once in a while you find a deal at below Low Retail like
my V8 :-) 

Hope this helps....


Mike L.

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Greetings yall!

I am thinking about looking at an 89 200tqw with 65K and they are 
asking $12,500.  I think that's a bit high, can anybody share NADA 
prices to confirm or deny that.  I called my bank/credit union and they 
say black book value is $11,300. My experience has shown black book to 
be different from the yellow NADA.  Kelly Blue Book seems to be a joke.

If I get serious about this vechile, then I would need to sell my 
beloved 89 200tq.  I have three kids and the wagon would be a nice 
addition.  Otherwise that's the only reason.  Here is the information 
and if anybody is interested let me know.  That will give me an 
indication of if I should actively pursue the wagon in my local market. 

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