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Hey guys,
I have now posted the window fix to the list.  It has no subject and I 
apologize for that.  I have had such a flood in my mailbox to respond to 
each of you individually at this point in time, but now, if any one else
has problems or questions, I will be glad to help you out.  I hope this helps
any of you, which it should.  With me and my family combined we have owned
an 84 Coupe GT
84 5000
85 5000
83 5000 Turbo
86 5000
90 200 Turbo
And soon to own a 88 90 :)
So I have had my fair share of problems. :(  But I hope my wealth of knowledge
does come in handy.  And please, if you guys need manuals, this would be
a good number to call: 1-800-544-8021.  ask for official AUDI manuals, *NOT* 
the Bentley ones.  They will cost more but I hear they are worth every cent.
I will be getting mine today or tommorrow so If anyone wants to know how 
they are, let me know.  
I also am selling my 85 5000 for 2100 obo.  Has new transmission in it :)
Contact me if interested.