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Bimmer 3er vs. A4

Since I have a bimmer (73 3.0CS) and a 90QV8 I also am in a BMW list.  These 
comments just in:

bmw-digest              Wednesday, 28 February 1996    Volume 04 : Number 243

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From: michel gammon <jmgammon@logiscom.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 06:59:07 GMT
Subject: Re: BMW 3-series vs Audi A4

Richard wrote:

>I realize that I may be asking a biased group here, but I'm considering
>buying a 328 BMW.  Many people have told me to get the A4 instead and
>was just curious as to the group's feelings.  Is The A4 a bigger car?
>What are the pros/cons of buying a BMW v. A4?  I understand the A4 is
>a little less expensive than the BMW.

I saw the new A4 at the Montreal Auto show.  It has two major flaws IMHO:
front-wheel drive, and ridiculously poor rear seat leg room compared to the
E-36 sedan, which isn't great to begin with.  On the other hand, the
interior is more luxuriously appointed and better finished.  Never driven
one.  The Quattro concept does have some appeal to me given my northern locale.

One other consideration is resale value.  At least in Canada, Audi resale
value has not really recovered from the bad publicity arising from bad
quality (up here the unintended acceleration thing didn't create as big a
fuss, Audis just had a notorious reputation for reliability).

Mike Gammon
1994 E-36 320i
1993 Nissan Quest
1995 Marinoni EL-OS


From: David <dmoore@infinity.ccsi.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 07:54:21 -0600 (CST)
Subject: BMW 3 series vs. Audi A4

Although I've never driven an Audi A4, I feel I have a small bit of info
that might be of some use.  I've read several articles (one in Jan
Roundel I think) pitting the A4 against the Bimmer (325)..  The general
underlying tone in each of the articles is that the Audi seemed sort of a
slush box, more comfy, less performance etc.  The Bimmer had the edge in
suspension, power, ride.  I've never actually seen the inside of the A4
but I have heard nice things about it from a friend that owns one.  Do
your homework, you won't be sorry.

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