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Re: third mounted brake light

In 1982, during my first trip to Europe, my uncle's Opel Kadett was fitted
with TWO high mounted brake lights in the hatchback window.  I some a few
then, but not many.


Eric Schumacher

> AP HK, wrote:
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> --------------------------
> ...And the infamous USA mandated third brake light is now standard
> equipment on all Audis worldwide. Just the thing for chain reaction
> autobahn pileups, I have often wondered why the Germans never saw
> the value in the CHMSL.
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> --------------------------------
> I had heard that the center brake light was technically illegal in Europe
> (specifically Germany and Switzerland), but recently the Danes have been
> putting on aftermarket ones on their cars, and some Japanese models have had
> them built in. (don't know whether they were operational when new...)
> Dorab