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Re: how much is 1.7 bar?

In a message dated 96-02-28 17:39:38 EST, you write:

>        on my 89 tq with the charlie spring I now get readings consistantly
>of 1.7 on the digi.   how many lbs of boost is this + or -. how many horse
>would the car be if it started at 160 or so.   sounds like algebra  yuck.
>Also I still feel hesitation when it gets to 1.7.  it goes like hell till
>1.7 then it seems to strugle like its being limited some how. the engine
>dosent do anything strange it just dosent pull. I still have the oil press
>ground set up for a bypass but wonder if it is working properly.
> CHARLIE if your out there any comments?? Anyone else??

1 bar = 1 atmosphere = ~14.7 psi

So 1.7= 0.00 vacuum + .7 bar of boost, so .7 X 14.7 = 10.29psi of boost.....

Stock is 1.4/5 maximum or 6-7psi.....

The 1.7 bar (assuming your guage is accurate -it's not) would be roughly 40hp
over stock....  Assuming you still have a functioning WG freq valve, it's no
longer adding to the boost of WG above the computer controlled limit......
 So if you have a 1.7 bar spring from the charlie man,  you won't get no more
than that, the WG is dumping = no more boost....