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Thanks Listmeister and Graydon !

Graydon I wanted to let you know that I agreed with your e-mail about Mr.
Listmeister thanks for the "10 ..." nice e-mail . . . good ideas....
Mr. Peter thanks for your time ....

Since joining the "List" I have enjoyed the many threads both humorous and
informative which I read each night. There is also no better endorsement than
several "List" members helping each other in the locating of parts, services,
cars, and expertise. 

I certainly appreciate the professionalism of the parties which responds to
inquiries privately in which they can showcase their 'wares......afterall if
they take the time to cruise the 'NET in search of new markets then more
power to them...... but to subject an entire "List" or club to unsolicited
advertising .. well... it just seems a little greedy.

Input (good or bad) is good ! and better than no input.

.... but I do wonder if he even likes Audi's. Thanks for your e-mails , Q on
list brothers and sisters.

90 90