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re: Dead instrument panel and dash lights

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>From Matt West <audi@tdraft.demon.co.uk>, on 2/23/96 12:01 PM:
To: <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>

Thanks to everyone you mailed me and welcomed me to the Quattro list
the other day.  I now have a problem with my 1989 Audi Coupe that I
hope someone can help me with.

All the back-lighting lamps in the main instrument panel, heater
controls and auxiliary instrument panel have died.  As they all went
together it would indicate that a fuse has blown, rather than bulb
failure.  The fuse (which also protects other circuits) in the main
fuse box is OK.

Does anyone know where I should check next ?
Are there any hidden in-line fuses that protect this circuit ?
Could it be the connection to the side light circuit that activates
the instrument panel lighting and if so, where is this connection
made ?

Oxford, England.
I had a similar problem on my ex-'90 90 sedan, where all the instruments in 
the main pod stopped instrumenting (lights continued to light 
non-functional gauges). turned out ot be corrosion on the back of the fuse 
panel, less than $25 to diag, and the fix was free(!!! at the dealer, no 
less !!!)

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
'90 Coupe Quattro