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5ktq brakes prob - computer question

Someone help before I do it again!

I seem to be having problems with warping the front brake rotors.  This
occurs after about 5k miles. The warping gets so bad it seems like something
is going to come apart.  Here are the facts:

220K + miles.  Three sets of front rotors in last 120K.  Factory and Girling
semi-met. pads.  No runout on hubs.  Bearings are tight. Rebuilt the calipers
- rear adjusters work fine. Guide pins don't bind.  New park brake cables.
Installed stainless/teflon hoses (FEEL GREAT). 

I just obtained a new set of ATE disks for the front along w/ PBR Metalmaster
pads.  I am about to install the rotors and pads, but wonder if I am
overlooking the cause of the warping.  Do the prop. valves or master cyls. go
on these cars?  Are the pads I'm using generating too much heat?  Does anyone
make a carbon or kevlar pad for these cars?  Fluid has been change 1/yr w/
Castrol LMA.

Computer quiz for tech heads.  I am wondering if anyone knows the difference
in the pinouts for the MAC-11 and MAC-14 ecms.  I know pin 5 is not used on
the -11s and the -14s use two knock sensors and all the pins.  Is the sensor
on pin 5?  Sorry, I don't have a 200 Bentley manual to look myself.  Why?  I
need to see if I can test a -14 I've repaired in an '86 5kt.


'86 5ktq
'85 5kt
'84 GTI
'79 Spitfire (I'm sorry too)