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Re: koni's 4ksq\

In a message dated 96-02-28 17:04:44 EST, tcandey@usr.com (Todd Candey)

>  How many of you out there have used the koni struts in a 4000q?
>     What were your likes/dislikes?
>     Does anyone have an old tired set that they want to part with?
>     TIA, Todd.

Todd, I'm running a set of the "one shot adjustables" in my '87 4000q right
now. They're matched with a set of H&R springs and other new odds'n'ends.
I've set them up per Glen Powell's recommendation on his auto-x 4000q. It's a
pretty firm ride right now(NH roads), but a wonderful highway car. I don't
have any track numbers to back up the swap, but it *feels* firmer/more
predictable/placeable than '85 4000q(Boge/Eibach).
I'm happy with the mod, but wouldn't want to drive her every day year round.
As many others have found out, once you start modifying a car, it's a never
ending battle. At least the '87 gives me an excuse to try on wheel/tyre
combos. The suspension really reveals the limitations of 14x6in rims....

Hope this helps,
-Chris Semple