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Re: 5ktq brakes prob

In a message dated 96-02-29 01:15:19 EST, you write:

>220K + miles.  Three sets of front rotors in last 120K.  Factory and Girling
>semi-met. pads.  No runout on hubs.  Bearings are tight. Rebuilt the
>- rear adjusters work fine. Guide pins don't bind.  New park brake cables.
>Installed stainless/teflon hoses (FEEL GREAT). 
>I just obtained a new set of ATE disks for the front along w/ PBR
>pads.  I am about to install the rotors and pads, but wonder if I am
>overlooking the cause of the warping.  Do the prop. valves or master cyls.
>on these cars?  Are the pads I'm using generating too much heat?  Does
>make a carbon or kevlar pad for these cars?  Fluid has been change 1/yr w/
>Castrol LMA.
.... Double ck those bearings......  Sounds to me like either a sticky piston
prollum, or the bearings....  If you rebuilt the piston, you can put the car
up, press the pedal, and see if the wheel spins freely, if it does chances
are it's yer bearings.  BTDT