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Mr. Linus, this was bounced, but meant for you....

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Date: 96-02-29 10:59:41 EST

     I think you have sent this to the wrong mailbox.
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: <no subject>
Author:  PDQSHIP@aol.com at Internet
Date:    2/29/96 8:01 AM

2-28 19:54:41 EST, you write:
>I realize i didn't make that very clear--i should have said that the pop-off

>valve is mounted to the INTAKE manifold (in contrast to the WG on the 
>exhaust side) PAST the throttle plates.  in this position, if you are 
>stubborn and keep your foot into it beyond sanity (i.e. safety for the 
>engine), the PO valve does control boost level.
There is no such animal that I'm aware of linus....  That is the definition 
of the wastegate....  The high pressure (boost) air IN THE MANIFOLD is routed

to bottom of the wastegate diaphram, when MANIFOLD pressure is excessive 
(exceeds spring pressure at the top of the wg diaphram) the wastegate opens, 
bypassing exhaust gasses directly to exhaust vs via the turbine, therefore 
slowing the turbo, reducing boost levels....   Don't make this too 
complicated, you are defining the Wastegate in your above statement....
 Another pop off valve in the manifold would defeat the purpose of the
wastegate all together, then you are running max turbo rpm all the time.....