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Re: Popped... Oops

Oops, I was wrong, let me try again...
>If I am not mistaken, indy cars used a pop-off valve on the intake
>manifold as their sole means of boost control. In years past,
>CART would keep all the valves and distribute them to the teams
>before a race. All the valves are set to have the same max boost
>pressure. They all have tamper resistant hardware, so if a team
>decided to alter the pop-off valve max boost setting, the authorities
>would know.

Indy cars do have wastegates which are used to control boost
pressure. The pop-off or blow-off valves on the intake manifold
are used to set the upper limit of the boost pressure, so a driver
can not dial in more boost than is allowed by the rules. Did I get
it right this time?
Dave Lawson