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Re: All those valves

>Many have added an IC and with it a bypass valve.  There is only one
current off
>the shelf IC kit for the cars so most run with that bypass valve.  The valve
>from Spearco is very much like a 944 turbo, S6 or Saab bypass.  Its problem is
>the points from where it gets the boost it recirculates.  It connects from the
>outlet elbow at the turbo back to the inlet.  Not really good enough. Better to
>pick up farther downstream. You get more to return and you don't leave the
>intercooler and all the plumbing full'O air. Friends have added a pick up port
>as close to the throttle plate as possible and re-routed back to the turbo
>inlet.  Much better.
>I use an HKS bypass mounted close to the throttle plate and back to the inlet.
>The HKS can flow a greater volume than the Spearco and through a larger hose
>back to the inlet.  

Whatdayah think about this Scott? Does is make a big diff where I connect
the bypass valve? How did you plumb yours? Do you think that connecting to
the compressor inlet elbow and to the IC-to-throttlebody hose is a good
bypass setup? What's your thought on the larger HKS bypass valve and the
larger diam hose that would be possible with it?


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