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Re: All those valves

In a message dated 96-02-29 13:37:06 EST, you write:

>Whatdayah think about this Scott? Does is make a big diff where I connect
>the bypass valve? 
Hmmmmmm not so sure, there is some argument on this point, but since the
pressure spike starts at the t-body flap, best to bleed it there.....
How did you plumb yours?
Valve at the lower chamber of the IC, feedback to intake elbow of turbo.....
 No longer on my car, but will be on wifes......
 >Do you think that connecting to
>the compressor inlet elbow and to the IC-to-throttlebody hose is a good
>bypass setup?
 What's your thought on the larger HKS bypass valve and the
>larger diam hose that would be possible with it?
Very good, esp since I have blown the IC endcaps with a sport q bypass
already....  Esp good idea if you are running modified turbo and hi boost...