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Surging idle

Hey Y'all,

A week or two back I asked about an idle problem in which my '89 200TQ (+ 
Superchips mod) has developed an unstable idle.  It started idling at 
1100rpm and surging up to 1600 and then dropping back to 1100 with a 
period of about 5 seconds.  The period has become shorter and is now 
about 2 seconds and, as a result, the difference between the higher and 
lower ends of the range has narrowed.

Several responded at that time with what sounded like some good 
suggestions.  Lacking a decent place in which to work, I took the car to 
my independent mechanic.  (I plan never to darken the door of my local 
fiendly (sic) Audi dealer's service shop again.  But that's another 
story.)  My mechanic suspects that there is a problem with the ECU or the 
PROM of the ECU.  Can the ECU be serviced or must it be replaced?  $$$$$ 

As a side question, is there someone with an idle Mac 11-C ECU who might 
be willing to loan it long enough to plug it in to see if that solves the 
problem before I lay out big bucks buy another one (preferably used)?

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