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RE: Unintended acceleration lawsuit article in Boston Globe

When I tried working with what seems to be the permanent part of the URL
it timed out on me at first. Then I got to their search engine and it
didn't yield anything about audi, acceleration or unintended... (in
separate queries).

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>>Subject: Re: Unintended acceleration lawsuit article in Boston Globe
>>On Wed, 28 Feb 1996, Michael Moy wrote:
>>> Audi unintended acceleration article in Boston Globe at:
>>> http://www.boston.com/globe/ap/cgi-bin/retrieve?%2Fglobe%2Fapwir%2F058%2F
>>> reg%2Ffk736927
>>	To the best of my ability, I can not get this site work.  "Site 
>>contains no data"?!
>Folks, when you do a retrieve using a net-based search engine, you get
>back an address which is "temporary" and may not work for somebody else
>later on.  You could copy out the article, or suggest that the search
>be done over and tell where to start.
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