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Re: Surging idle

I want to express a very public "Thanks, Scott".  I'll deliver a print of
your note to my mechanic tomorrow.  Be assured, if that doesn't work I'll be
in contact with you about a short term ECU loan for diagnostic purposes.

I wanna tell ya, friends, this Quattro list is absolutely super.  What a
great bunch of folk!  Where else could *anyone* possibly find such help as
you are volunteering, Scott?  Know what?  I'm not really surprised.  :-)

At 06:59 PM 2/29/96 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 96-02-29 16:52:31 EST, you write:
>>As a side question, is there someone with an idle Mac 11-C ECU who might 
>>be willing to loan it long enough to plug it in to see if that solves the 
>>problem before I lay out big bucks buy another one (preferably used)?
>Hmmmmm.... Maybe not so good down in FLA.....  Have your mechanic ck the idle
>stabilizer Bob, Like clean it 6 times with some carb cleaner reinstall and do
>again....  The ECU should not be bad for this prollum.....  You might want to
>ck in with someone who has a code reader for the car......  The only thing
>that would cause a fluctuation like that is the tdc and reference senders at
>the flywheel....  Assuming you get no fault codes there, you prolly can
>excuse the computer......  Go for that stabilizer valve big time, bob.....
>  ck for air leaks too, does the car stall when you pull the dipstick......
> It should stumble but not stall.....  Next ck for leaks at the rubber t at
>the top of the valve cover and the usual t-body to IC hose.....  Pull the
>grill off and inspect the IC for any oil leaks at the end caps.......
>As a last resort, I do have a MAC 11C to loan, but I have yet to replace one
>for anything other than a short.......  It'll take me about a week to get it
>back, but it is available....  And I can prolly get you a used one for 250 or

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