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Re: Non-OEM radio removal

On Thu, 29 Feb 1996, Brooks Ellis wrote:

>         [ specifically - the head unit allows for bridging the speaker
> output, so I get more power - thus better sound. I already have another amp
> for the subwoofer and rear speakers ]

Not so!  More power does not always equal better sound.  In fact, in 
something like a head unit, where one power supply drives the CD player, 
tuner, preamp, amp, AND the display/logic controls, bridging could be a 
compromise, because it demands more from the power supply.  All the juice 
will be allocated to the amp, and everything else is compromised (that's 
why recievers are not considered high end).  You'd be better off driving 
the front speakers with the outboard amp, and the rears with the deck 
power.  Deck amps are usually pretty chincy.  It may say "80 watt" on the 
front, but I'd bet it can't pull 5 per chanel.

Adam Dieckerhoff
Pacific Lutheran University