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Re: Non-OEM radio removal

>Not so!  More power does not always equal better sound.  In fact, in 
>something like a head unit, where one power supply drives the CD player, 
>tuner, preamp, amp, AND the display/logic controls, bridging could be a 
>compromise, because it demands more from the power supply.  All the juice 

Well, in general, the more power you have for the same output will give you
better sound.

Assume I have two amps, of similar quality.
Let us say that I have a 5 w/channel amp, producing 100 Db. That is going to
be stretching the power of the amp, and it _will_ be distorted. How much?
Probably enough to notice - probably enough to sound bad. This is not a $400
2 channel '5w/channel amp' that actually runs 30w/ch. or 50w/ch at 1/8th ohm
or somthing.

Lets say that I switch the 5w/ch amp out and put in a 40w/ch amp, also
producing 100 db. That will sound a whole lot better, and probably have
distortion low enough that I can't notice it. It could probably put out
somewhere in the range of 105-107 db, and not sound too bad. 

I'm not saying that your point is invalid, but in my case, I think that
instead of trying to get '4x15 watts' that if I bridge it, to get
'2x25 watts', that it will probably sound better. 

Brooks   '  Interesting concept however.. Did you figure out how to get
            my damn radio out BTW? '

BTW - As soon as I can afford it, I am going to put in a new amp, and let
the 2x30w amp power the fronts.. Have maybe, 2x100w for two 10's (sealed) in
the trunk. I am trying to make a design that would put the speakers just to
either side of the trunk-ski-passthrough. That way, it would look cool, get
a lot of clean bass into the cabin, and wouldn't use too much power. I'm
obviously not trying to bump here.. 
        Right now, I have the deck's 2x15w for the front 4", and about 100W
for a single sealed 10" in the trunk, on one of it's voice coils. I use the
other voice coil, to power the rear speakers...the rears have about 15ohms
of resistors added on to them, so they are not very noticible. The effect of
it, is a good front stage, that sounds very open. Full range, due to the
subwoofer, and the rear tweeters.. Odd, I admit. But not too much rear,
because I absolutly HATE loud rear 'fill' that is louder than the rest of
the car. Blechhh.