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Re: Non-OEM radio removal

> Assume I have two amps, of similar quality.
> Let us say that I have a 5 w/channel amp, producing 100 Db. That is going to
> be stretching the power of the amp, and it _will_ be distorted. How much?
> Probably enough to notice - probably enough to sound bad. 

This is the problem with manufacturer measurements.  What kind of 
distortion is it?  Single Ended Triode tube amps put out no more than 9 
watts per chanel, yet they sound amazing!  Why?  They put out a LOT of 
distortion, even order distortion, which is the key.  In the case of 
solid state electronics, however, they put out almost exclusively odd 
order distortion, which sounds bad.  In fact, I've heard some 100wpc amps 
(expinsive ones) that sound AWEFUL!  The moral is, numbers are bull, 
sound is everything.  Trust your ears.  Experiment.  Bridge the chanels 
(if you can figure out how, sorry I can't), run the fronts with the 
external amp, or any other combo you can think of.   Have fun!

Adam Dieckerhoff
Pacific Lutheran University