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Re: 86 5tq brake problem SOLVED?

>Looks like the prize goes to Scott.  This morning I heard the dreaded death
>moan of a front wheel bearing on my favorite on-ramp.  Found it hard to
>believe they'd be bad seeing that I replaced them once already (120k ago).
> Looks like all the hard cornering has taken its toll.  Just ordered one
>GPR for $38, seemed like a good price. I thought it might be a good idea to
>repack the new one with syn. grease.  Seems like its common practice with
>racers.  Comments?  By the way, do bearings usually make noise when loaded
>unloaded. - the bearing that is, not me

Unfortunally it's a sealed bearing..............  Bearings should make a 
"Slight" bit of noise when unloaded.

>With all the waste- gate talk,  Is there any interest in an externally
>adjustable WG housing.  Aforementioned  riend CNC'd me one with a knob on.
> Presto!  Dial a boost.  I may give mine a dash mounted adjuster just for

Sounds like a lot of work where a long bolt, 3 jam nuts and a little 
loctite will do.......


Eric Fletcher