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Re: Micro-fiche reader


     Go back to Radio Shack, and ask for the "30 power handheld
     microscope". Sorry, no part number, but the brand is Radio Shack,
     and it is in their catalog. They just don't KNOW it is a microfiche

     It is not ideal, but it will unlock all that information while you
     are waiting for the actual, true, weird format reader to appear at a
     garage sale near you.

     Tom F.

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Subject: Micro-fiche reader
Date:    2/29/96 9:10 PM

     A while ago there was a message pertaining to a fiche reader and where
     to get one.  I somehow deleted it.  But I did go to Radio Shack.  When
     I asked them, they looked at me funny and asked why I wanted to read a
     small fish?  Please help me find one of these readers.  A brand and
     part number would be very helpful.


     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire