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Re: 89/90 quattro/whell bearing tool

I've got a Schley mini-catalog right in front of me but no way to contact 
them.  They've got all kindsa neat stuff like:
	Wheel Bearing Puller
	CIS Fuel Injector Puller
	VW & Audi Timing Plug Socket
	VW & Audi Strut Shock Nut Socket
I'll check the archives to get a number if it's there whenever I get back 
on campus (no netscape from home, only telnet).  If anybody has a number 
off hand, please post it.  If anybody wants part numbers, I've got 'em.

'86 VW Quantum GL5
Auburn University, Alabama, USA
Hometown - Reidville, South Carolina, USA

On Fri, 1 Mar 1996, Anthony Attard wrote:

> Hi Guys,  I am a new subscriber so please bear with me if I screw this up.
> I am thinking of buying an 1989 Audi 90 quattro,  I know it needs pads and possibly rotors, 
> But--Is there anything I should be aware of or check for when I look a this for the second time?
> That is, power steering problems,  brake booster, etc. , etc.  Would truly appreciate any
> comments and/or suggestions..
> Also,  I am looking for a wheel bearing puller.  I have called the snap-on dealer and he quoted
> me about $200 for one of those Scheley pullers.  Is this the going price ?? Does any one else
> sell this puller or something like it ??  Would appreciate phone(s) if any one has them.
> Many thanks.------ Tony.   Off.: (301) 415-2876;   Res.: (301) 972-7786.
> P.S. I live in Maryland and do most of my own work on my three Audis.  So if anyone is local
> to me and needs Audi tools or just talk Audis, feel free to call me.