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FW: Audi/Bose Stereo power connection stays on when car key is in off position !!@#$^

I traded a 1991 Acura Legend Coupe LS for my '90 Audi V8Q, and it had a Bose stereo unit with built in security, but when the ignition was turned off so did the head unit leaving the security light blinking. Now I remember, there were 2 lead connections one that provided constant power thus maintaining the codes in memory and another one that allowed the unit to be turned on/off.
The code needs to be reset once the unit is detached from BOTH leads. Apparently there is only one connection in the Audi. 

Thanks for all your input...

Vikram Kumar

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Subject: 	Audi/Bose Stereo power connection stays on when car key is in off position !!@#$^

	 I just took possession of my first Audi two days ago ('90 Audi V8 Quattro) and am thrilled with it. One feature I noticed immediately is the Audi/Bose head unit does not have it's power source tied to the ignition, so the stereo can be left on continuously without having the key in the ignition. 

	When the door is opened with the radio on, the door chime does come on but it's still very irritating. I wired a radar detector to the fuse box (fuse #3 (accessory, radio, etc)) and I have to do the same with the radar detector as well.

	Is there any way I can have the stereo draw power from a different location where the stereo automatically gets turned off when the car is turned off and also connect my radar detector as well to this very source ???

	It's nice to know that this is an active and informative group with experienced quattro owners. Wondering if a newsgroup should be started...rec.autos.audi.quattro ??????

Any advice would be much appreciated,

Vikram Kumar