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V8 List (short version)

Here it is.........

Pearl seems to be the color of choice here, with black & silver coming in 
next....  Someone here said their car was bronze, I wonder if its the same
as my bamboo color ?  kind of a lighter shade of gold......

I'm formatting a long version now, that will posted some time in the future :-)

Mike LaRosa
89 100 Avant
90 V8 Bamboo/Tan

1) 1990 V8 Pearl/Gray 75K Miles, Cobram, Massachusetts

2) 1990 V8 Pearl/Gray  94k Miles, Timothy P. Schanno, unknown

3) 1990 V8 Pearl/Gray 90k Miles, John Karasaki, Oregon

4) 1990 V8 Pearl/Blue 88k Miles, Wolfgang, N. Hampshire

5) 1990 V8 Pearl/Black 120K Miles,  Paul Rivera, California, LA

6) 1990 V8 Pearl/Black 60k Miles, DaveSenu, unknown

7) 1990 V8 Black/Black 93K miles, Randall C. Markarian, Maine

8) 1990 V8 Black/unknown 88k Miles, Eric Lindgren, Iowa

9) 1990 V8 Black/Gray 142k Miles, Chris King, Texas

10) 1990 V8 Black/Platinum 72K Miles, Mark Hogan, Maryland

11) 1991 V8 Gray Black/Platinum 39k Miles, Tony Vicarage, Florida

12) 1990 V8 Dark Grey/Grey 76k Miles, Vikram Kuram, unknown 

13) 1990 V8 Silver/unknown , 68k Miles, Greg Owens, unknown

14) 1990 V8 Platinum/Black 80km, John Firkins, Australia ?

15) 1990 V8 Platinum/Titanium 39k miles, Andy Majewski, Washington

16) 1990 V8 Burgandy/Tan 88K Miles, Eliot Lim, Washington

17) 1990 V8 Lago Blue/unkown 67k Miles, Les Lampman, Washington

18) 1990 V8 Bamboo/Tan 55k Miles, Mike LaRosa, N. Hampshire

19) 1990 V8 Bronze/unknown 83k miles, Fredrik Olsson, Colorado