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Radio/Headphones/Head's Amp Q

Joe Yakubik asked about the presence of headphone jacks on the rear 
deck - my 84 5KT had them, but they are not present in my 1990 200.  

Also, Joe, you're right about the alarm system and the radio.  My 
Bose head unit has a tab of metal sticking out from the radio's body 
which connects to a single Brown w/white trace wire.  This wire is 
identified in the Bentley manual as connecting to the anti-theft unit.

I assume that this is probably a simple "completed circuit to ground" type 
alarm, and that the intention is for the alarm to sound if the radio 
is removed, rbreaking the connection.  Therefore, if one replaces 
the radio with a NON-removable unit, it would make sense to try 
connecting the brown wire to the radio's main chassis.  I'd bet it 
will work same as the factory unit.  OTOH, since I'm putting in a 
pull-out, I don't plan on re-connecting it.  

I'm thinking that the alarm will only activate for the radio circuit 
IF  the circuit is complete at the time the alarm is activated.  I 
make this assumption because the trunk alarm seems to work that way - 
the alarm can be activated with the trunk lid open and no alarm is 
sounded.  If the alarm sounds with the wire disconnected, I can 
connect it to the receptacle chassis for the radio, which should 
close the open circuit.

Re: Dave Head's question - if there is a booster amp for the rear 
speakers in your system, I'd do two things:

1)  Call Crutchfield to get their opinion of whether you need an 
extra amp;
2)  Try it without an extra amp and see if the line-outs from your 
Nak are adequately amplified (a subjective judgement at best...)  

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