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Screwey electrical system for stereo

OK!  Thanks to the helpful hints from many people on the list, I have 
managed to be able to remove my stock (Blaupunkt <sp>) radio from my 
5000CST.  However, the connection on the back of this is very different 
than the stock one for the Aiwa 60 watt replacement cassette deck that I 
have in mind.  This was more or less expected -- people have told me that 
the rear deck speakers are amplified, and thus the different connectors.  
The connectors to the OEM radio are 3:

2 push-in connectors w/4 wires apiece, for the front and rear speakers.  
These are inserted next to each other, and are identical, i.e. I can 
switch where they are plugged into the radio and it will reverse the 
speakers front/rear.

1 (larger) connector with other wires -- I assume ground, power, etc.  
There are at least 5 wires though, heaven knows what for.

The antenna appears to be directly connected into the radio, with no 
visible means for disconnecting it (correct??)

2 Questions:

1. Can I order the hardware from Crutchfield (w/o a radio) that will
enable me to connect the AIWA radio up to this set of connectors,
including a transformer to lower the level for the rear speakers to

2. (much more important) I think that I have a big wiring problem, but I 
don't know where to start looking for it.  The rear speakers, that is all 
the ones on the rear deck and on the rear doors, are not working.  At 
all.  I don't think that it is a problem with the radio because if I 
switch the plugs (as described above) the front speakers still work on 
the "rear" connection.  In addition, the antenna doesn't raise.  Is it 
possible that all of these things are part of the same circuit, and 
that's why they aren't working?  Anyhow, I need some pointers on where to 
start looking/probing with my voltmeter to see what's broken.  If you 
want some more details, please mail me.

Answers will be greatly appreciated!  Thank you very much.

Preston Brown      Yale Economics Dept. System Admin     pbrown@econ.yale.edu
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