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Re: '89 Audi 100 fuel pump & brake questions

Hairy green toads from Mars made Chris Foust say:

> This is my first entry into this great Audi resource.  Although I have a
> great mechanic and do much of the work myself, Audi knowledge is scarce in
> my rural setting.  Besides the '89 100, I also have an '88 Audi 80.
> One question is regarding the external fuel pump on the 100.  For many
> months, there is a very noticable buzz coming from it.  It appears to be
> working fine, despite the buzz.  Should I be concerned?


The louder the buzz gets, the closer the pump is to failing. I ignored
mine for a little too long, and got to pay a $50 towing bill in addition
to the $250 pump replacement. Also, if the pump fails, you'll have to
drain the fuel line and replace the first filter, too, as bits of pump
can get into it.

Replace it on your schedule, it's easier.


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