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Heel and Toe - It's the Shoes

This is in followup to a previous thread about heel and toe technique.  
Supposedly, the classic method is with the ball of the foot on the 
brake and pivoting the heel over to the throttle.  A few posters 
replied that they had to use the heel on the brake pedal and tap the 
accelerator with their toes.  So I started experimenting both ways in 
my '90 Model 80 Q.  I found that it is basically impossible to use the 
standard technique while wearing wide-body Kenneth Cole or Doc Marten 
shoes.  But when I wore my slim Bostonian dress shoes, the classic 
technique worked great.  So there you have it.  Audis are designed for 
slim Italian-style shoes.  This makes me curious.  What kind of shoes 
do racers use?

- Greg Koehler
'90 Model 80Q.