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Re[4]: Roll Cage for 4000Q?

     Good point.  If the car is being used for auto-x, you probably don't 
     need one.  But I am referring to highway driving where the environment 
     is not so controlled and the speeds are much faster.  Even in road 
     racing, I would use a rollbar/cage in a hard top.  In fact, I don't 
     know one org. that doesn't require it.  
     I must say that I am slightly opinionated when it comes to safety 
     after doing cartwheels in a G-prod spitfire with a 6 point cage.  When 
     you lose control nothing can be predicted.  Saying that a rollbar is 
     not needed because other drivers did not get hurt is dangerous.
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire 

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: Roll Cage for 4000Q?
Author:  STEADIRIC@aol.com at Internet
Date:    3/4/96 1:32 PM

>     How about to save your A-- eric.  Safety is more important in an 
>     under-horsepowered car anyway.
Hmmmmmmmm..... If I get so crossed up to WAD my Stock car into a ball at 
a Auto-x, I really need to rethink my hobbies.  I've seen three stock 
class Roll-overs at Auto-x's, 2 cars only had the stock belts and the 
drivers were uninjured......None of the three cars had roll cages....  In 
a convertiable yes you need a roll hoop, In a Stock hard top I don't 
think so.  Hell in my old Z-car which at the time ran is ASP never had a 
cage in it and I always won.....
Eric Fletcher