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One more idea, as relayed to me by a past co-worker. On a trip to Florida
Pennsylvania one year, he was plagued for miles by a brainless woman riding
his rear bumper. No amount of brake jabbing or slowing down would get her to
cease trying to enter his tailpipe. Having just rebuilt the engine in his V8
(sorry, but that's what it was), and having the sunroof open, this individual
behind his seat for a spare quart of oil, removed the cap, stuck his bottle
filled hand
up into the slipstream, and squeezed for all he was worth.
The woman was only slightly fazed by this, and probably would not have slowed
all, were it not for the critical error on her part. She turned on the
The last he saw of her, she was sliding into the median with an opaque
It took several dollars of quarters to wash off the rear of the Monza, but he
felt it
had been worth it. 

Dwight V.
"It's always worth doing if you have an audience, or if you can tell it later
as a good