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Re: tailgaters

[from Eric Schumacher]

What's wrong with you guys??
What happened to the good old smoke screen (oil burner from leaking valves
or rings) or oil slick( profuse bleeding from engine). Works great in the
video games and with James Bond.

>Often I get tailgated on a nice section of four lane with room to pass on
>both sides.  Go figure.  I think some drivers are afraid of being "alone"
>in a lane for fear of Johnny Law.  They'd rather increase their risk of an
>I do like the windshield washer idea.  If you have headlight washers, use
>those too.  I got a wet forehead one day with the sunroof open using both.
> Convertibles behind you are especially suseptible to this method.
>Eric Schumacher

Ernest Wong