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New Audi ad for A6 Avant

Has anyone seen the new ad for the Audi A6 quattro avant?  The ad shows how
you get out of most sport utes with a woman struggling to get down from the
high vehicle, while an A6 drives up, and the driver easily gets out.  The
ad is targeting the driver who is tired of their SUV life, and wants to get
more 'down to earth' it seems.  A6 Quattro Avant from $36,500 I believe is
what it showed. Saw it on CNN about 7:30pm Pacific.  Very nice, hopefully
it starts to sell some cars.

If the above has been discussed on the list lately, I am still trying to
catch up, so sorry.

1987 4000CSq turning 118000 miles tomorrow on the way to work.

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