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Fwd: Tails.....

I haven't had a problem here in Munich, Germany with tailgating - UK is 
definitely worse - people tend to get out of the way and respect a car which 
travels faster than they are travelling. However I would say that BMW and 
Mercedes drivers try to "dive bomb" you to move out of the way. Still I guess 
people would move when you're up up at 260/260kph on the Autobahns.

-Vincent Bevan
Audi Coupe Quattro S2

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Date:		Tuesday, March 5, 1996 at 3:37:00 pm MEZ
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          With all this talk about tailgating, it brings two things to 
          (1)  The stress on the road (and that some have demonstrated on 
          this list) is getting UNBELIEVABLE.  Especially here in the 
          DC/MD/VA area.  How many of you are one or two car lengths behind 
          the car in front of you and some driver HAS to have that space?  
          Nevermind the fact that there is noone behind you for miles?  
          Hell, I honked my horn once at a "BigHair" in a Metallic puke 
          green late 80's T-bird when she blew a stop sign and pulled out 
          in front of me.  She gets mad at ME and proceeds to chase me 
          through downtown Annapolis......needless to say, T-birds aren't 
          well handling vehicles, regardless of how fancy the paint, 
          compared to our audis....
          My comment when someone tailgates?   I turn to my wife and say 
          "So how BADLY do you want that new A4Q?"  (usually said while 
          driving her Nissan)  We got lotsa 'possums dashin' cross these 
          roads here.....and he was BIG, officer, thought it was a hairy 
          (2)  The tailgating here doesn't bother me nearly as much as this 
          neat "trick" I experience whenever I drive in europe.  Some 
          drivers seem to like to tailgate you, but with half the vehicle 
          in the other lane (whether it's four lane or two lane), which 
          would indicate they want to pass.  BUT, the don't.
               I slow down - they slow down
               I speed up - they speed up
               I wave to them to pass - they look at me blankly
               I pull over - they pass, but look at me like I'm crazy
          The road can be clear either way for miles, but they don't pass.   
          I usually encounter this in France, but have experienced it in 
          other countries.  Joe and our european friends, have you 
          experienced this?  
          85 Coupe GT
          85 5ks