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RE: 1990/1991 90's - which are 20v

Isn't there something about the wheels too? I've only seen the nice
3-piece look ones with the bolts all around the edge on the 20v models.
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>Hairy green toads from Mars made Adam Dieckerhoff say:
>> On Mon, 4 Mar 1996, Brooks Ellis wrote:
>> > 
>> >         I was considering a 1990-1991 20v 90 Quattro.
>> >         Which are the 20v's? All the Q's? Some of them? 
>> Um, the ones that say "20 valve" on the back 8^)
>> I saw a silver 90q today with a spoiler on the back, but no labeling.  
>> Are the 20v's the only ones with spoilers?
>Nope. Angela's '90 90Q20V has a spoiler, and a friend's '90/'91 90Q10V
>also has the spoiler. Since they're both pearl white, it makes them
>damn hard to tell apart unless I can see the "20Valve" trunk tag.
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