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Ned's Toy - 86 5ktq

In a message dated 96-03-05 14:01:36 EST, you write:

>> Neds' car.  Sounds like a good find to spice up an afternoon.  Tell us or
>> more about the lights, wheels, exhaust etc.  Just curious again.
>I'd really love to tell you more, but I can't.  I'm kicking myself now 
>for not asking what he's got on that thing, but we were already taking up 
>a lot of his time, and he had been very gracious to take us out in the 
>4000, LET ALONE the race car.  I can tell you this, one of the audi pages 
>has pictures of Ned's car.  The only difference between those pictures 
>and what I saw was the exhaust is now a single, possible 4" dia tip, 

I can help ya', took a ride last year a couple times

Lites - Bosch Rally ala R2000 size
Wheels BBS 16X7.5  -  225/50 Goodyear GSC's
Wheel lips - unpainted cut and curled type
Aluminum Trans bushings - don't do it
20v turbo motor with some wild intake/fuel stuff, would guess a modified S4
3in Sebring Racing exhuaust
Turbo - BIG Porsche app
IC - Big, open holes in bumper for air too
Trans - 016 old type no torsen (yet)
Clutch - Stock
100inHg guage for boost (from yours truly), and he NEEDS more than the old 75
he had
Fast - Yep, heard from a reliable source that it is a low 5 second 0-60 car
Are there faster?   Hmmmm, yes.
Fun?  You bet
Wild?  With Ned driving, this is an understatement....